A special thank-you to our sponsors for their valued contributions to our conference

Sunshine Coast Health Centre

The Sunshine Coast Health Centre is an advanced health facility that gives working men an opportunity to explore their problem drinking or drug use while also building camaraderie with others experiencing similar issues. This shared experience has been shown to provide the most therapeutic value.

Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic

Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic provides 24-hour medical care, psychiatry, psychology, nutrition and fitness support, specialized bodywork, and a host of other services. This clinic is the only women’s-only facility of its kind in Canada and brings together the collective expertise of highly-trained, experienced professionals to provide treatment for high-functioning and motivated women struggling with their mental health.


The Sunshine Coast Health Centre and the Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic are located on BC’s Sunshine Coast in Powell River. After a quick 25-minute plane ride from Vancouver, clients get to take in the beautiful surroundings of snow-capped mountains, sandy beaches, and miles of uninhabited wilderness.

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